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Monday 26 April, 2010, Slash

Through Blind Men's Eyes by ladyblahblah (Kirk/Spock, NC-17, 45,000 words)
Summary: The obligatory Pon Farr story . . . with a bit of a twist.
Notes: One of the most original Pon Farr stories I've ever read, and beautifully written to boot. This fic is gorgeous and engaging, with spot-on character voices and clever dialog. Brilliant!

You are Warm in My Hand by snowlight (Mirror!Kirk/Spock, Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!Spock, R, 1,800 words)
Summary: M!Kirk loses his Spock and finds a replacement.
Notes: Sort of a creepy, chilling, mirror!verse sort of way. Also with a great twist near the end. Very nicely done.

Waiting on the King by withthepilot (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, ~15,000 words)
Summary: Jim and Bones are taken hostage on a non-Federation planet. Jim finds himself waiting on Bones in more ways than one.
Notes: I have never quite been able to put my finger on why I love this story so much. It's sort of a cracky plot, but in a way that's probably pretty true to the original Star Trek series. And then there's this Jim characterization that really works for me where he's sort of going with the flow of the bad mission but also totally refuses to give up or give in. And then there's the evolution of the Jim/Bones relationship and the care and the love and the trust, which plays out in some mild D/s stuff that completely melts my brain, even as the whole story just melts my heart. Um, yeah, please read this.

Tuition by avidita (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 31,568 words)
Summary: Written for this prompt of the st_xi_kink meme: "Groundhog's Day fic— At 0500, Kirk is awakened by an attack on the Enterprise by an alien vessel. At 2100, Kirk falls into bed with McCoy for the first time while McCoy is strung out on alien sex pollen. At 0500, Kirk is awakened by the same attack on the Enterprise. Kirk repeats over and over, either laying Bones (and figuring out all of his likes and dislikes exactly) or staying far away from him (and probably sleeping with someone else — but I'd like it if, no matter how many times or how hard he tries, he just can't get Uhura to agree to sleep with him), until he realizes that Bones needs him then, but that they can't begin their relationship with Kirk taking advantage of him."
Notes: Not gonna lie, the reason I read this fic over and over is because it contains some seriously hot D/s porn. However, the actual awesomeness of the fic (and the reason I am reccing it) lies in the incredibly well executed time loop plot and the fascinating, unique and totally believable characterization of Jim. I love it when an author can successfully portray Jim as deeply flawed but also brilliant and totally sympathetic. Also, time loops totally rock.

Afterschool Special by hollycomb (Chekov/Sulu, R, 4,480 words)
Summary: High school AU. Chekov has a bad day at school and Sulu, his former best friend who is now too cool for him, comes to his window to comfort him.
Notes: This has what I love most about high school AUs: that mix of funny, teenage angst, longing, innocence and not-so-innocent sexual exploration. There's some hysterical discussion of The Grapes of Wrath along with the revelation about why Sulu stopped being friends with Chekov. Plus there's sweet - and hot - dry-humping and making out.

Flexible Sponges by bauble (Kirk/Sulu, NC-17, 1,500 words)
Summary: Written for the kink meme prompt: Kirk/Sulu: "You saved my life down there." & "Well, it was my turn."
Notes: Hysterical banter combined with hot sex - what is there not to like? I really like a bantery Kirk/Sulu and they continue to banter during sex which makes my day. This fic has everything from Kirk trying to make Sulu jealous by telling him a "highly evolved species of slug propositioned" him to Kirk thinking to himself about "Kirk’s super awesome magical cock." Oh yeah, so clearly there's cocky Kirk, which is awesome, and he's perfectly balanced by sarcastic Sulu. Fun, fun, fun - with some sexy and the hint of romance beneath the banter.
Tags: !slash, chekov/sulu, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, slash other
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