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The Crack Enterprise

A Star Trek Recs Community
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Hey, GQ mofos! ...wait, wrong com.

You looking for some fic that someone thinks doesn't suck? You have the right place. In the vein of crack_impala we're a Star Trek recs com (mostly XI, but check the Classics posts for other flavors). Are we slash friendly? Yes. Are we het friendly? Just like Kirk is, bitch. Are we gen friendly? Bring on the day in the life fic. Are we art friendly? Come back to our place to see our sketches. You want it? We'll have it, no big, park it here.

Here's the thing: if we rec it and you hate, why be a h8er? Click another link. Please see authors' headers for further information if you think the rec might not be your bag. Stumble on tentacle porn and you were looking for babyfic? Get off the internet. And speaking of leaving the drama in your last fandom, if you don't get recced? Don't get up in our holodeck, maybe we missed your fic, maybe there was a singularity. We love you, baby, but drama we don't do.

The recs are collected throughout the week by all of us and posted by the daily bitch poster. Each day has a theme, check out the list below for that. Everyone who gets recced will be notified day of.

Live long and prosper.

Posting/Theme Schedule:
Sunday - Porn
Monday - Slash
Tuesday - Gen
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Classics
Friday - Het
Saturday - RPF

Need help finding an old rec? Check out our DELICIOUS!

Got something you need to get off your chest? Give us a shout by comment or email: affectingly(at)livejournal(dot)com