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Monday, 5 March, 2012, Slash

I'll Still Let You In by withthepilot (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, 11,500 words)
Summary: An ill-advised drive out in a bad snowstorm lands Jim in an unexpected situation, at a cozy B&B in his own town. Turns out that he and the hot, cranky owner are crossing paths at the exact right moment.
Notes: This is an absolutely charming modern-day AU that made me smile. I loved flirty!Jim and cranky!Bones, and the way they were rather adorably awkward with each other before they finally got things figured out.

Reflections Still Look the Same to Me by knune (Kirk/McCoy, PG-13, ~3,600 words)
Summary: Not everyone loves Christmas. In fact, Leonard McCoy hates it but with good reason.
Notes: A painful story, but not without hope, told in a wonderfully spare writing style. (Just a note: This story is slightly AU, which threw me off a little when I hit it unexpectedly.)

The fault is not in our stars by eonism (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, ~20,800 words)
Summary: James T. Kirk is going to Rura Penthe. Pike is in his corner, Spock has his reservations, and McCoy is coming with no matter what Kirk has to say on the subject.
Notes: If you're looking for a plotty, gripping mission fic, look no further. The author does an amazing job of capturing the harsh, cold world of the alien planet, and the non-linear narrative helps ratchet up the tension. There's a developing K/M relationship in the mix as well. And I enjoyed the author's use of Pike.

One of My Own by zauzat (Pike/Kirk, NC-17, 7,000 words)
Summary: Post-Narada: Pike is helping Kirk with the outfitting of the Enterprise. When his anger and guilt clashes with Kirk's own issues, the confrontation takes them somewhere neither man expected.
Notes: This is a fantastic exploration of the complicated emotions both Pike and Kirk must've been feeling after the Narada encounter. I like how the author captures both men's insecurities, and the tension between them.

A King of Infinite Space by the_dala (Kirk/Sulu, PG-13, 3,577 words)
Summary: Kirk, Sulu, and Tarsus IV.
Notes: This is a sensitive take on the "Jim was on Tarsus IV" trope, with an absolutely wonderful supportive role from McCoy. The author has a lovely, understated way with Jim and Hikaru's emotions.

Two Gay Uncles series by robanybody (Pike/Archer plus Kirk, NC-17, ~30,000 words total)
Summary: So apparently when Cee tells me things like "write me a story about how Jim knows Admiral Archer's dog" and follows it up with "SAM BECKETT IN SPACE," my immediate response is not to run screaming in the opposite direction, but to yell out, "omg I want to write that!"
Notes: I am incredibly late to the party on this particular set of stories, but I'm reccing them in case anyone else out there has somehow managed to miss the brilliance of this 'verse. I can't decide which aspect of the series I liked better: the romantic/sexual relationship between Archer (a total BAMF) and Pike, or the paternal relationship between Archer and Kirk. The whole series is funny, sometimes moving, and well characterized.
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